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Empathic Seeker of Truth

Life Coach

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As your transformational life coach, I'm here to help you develop the tools and strategies to embrace your confidence. Are you sick and tired of waiting for your turn? Are you ready for less striving and more thriving? Discover the difference you can make engaged and empowered!

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Spiritual Director

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As a lifelong seeker, I know we all meet the Divine/God/Spirit in our own way and time. Whether you have never entered a house of worship, attend one regularly, or are somewhere in between, I'm here to help you grow in your relationship with God/Divine/Spirit. 

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Storyteller through Arts & Crafts

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Your story matters and there are many ways to honor your story. Through retreats, workshops and e-courses, we will explore ways to embrace and (if you wish) share our stories. Sign up for my newsletter to learn more about upcoming events.

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