“Heather Hall has a natural gift for coaching and a magical way of supporting me right where I am, seeing the good in me and helping me see that good. Along with her ability to create a safe space, to be supportive, encouraging, patient, and kind which makes for an ideal environment to explore those things that I want to shift and bring out the best in me. Heather helped me to see things more clearly at a crossroads in my life - and what I would consider a terrible case of overwhelm - by her presence, kindness, and fine-tuned questions that things were not as I had created them in my mind as I crossed back to believing in myself and my abilities to get done what needed to get done.  The world needs more coaches like Heather.” 

~ Marilyn B. 

"Coaching with Heather helped me to get clarity on a how to approach challenging situations, and to really feel confident to communicate in an authentic way to ask for what I need.  I am so grateful for her warm approach, creating a safe space to feel really heard and also encouraged by such inciteful questions” 

~ Susy D

  “Heather's calming presence and inviting, professional demeanor create a safe container to do the work, and with her by your side you will do just that. She adeptly digs deep to help you find the origins of the stories you've been carrying around and to make strong connections to patterns that might be holding you back or could propel you forward, with time and attention. She will be your mirror for successes as well as where further support is needed and a constant source of resources for further introspection.”  

~ Kindel K.   

“Coaching with Heather allowed me to equally own, process, and feel my emotions while also examining my mindsets and habits. With Heather’s expert guidance and compassionate support, I made intentional, discerning, tangible shifts and changes. Heather is genuinely inquisitive, authentic, calm, and extremely bright and insightful. Because of working with Heather, I created measurable, meaningful changes in my life regarding my thought patterns, emotions, and choices.” 

~ Terri Bradway 

"During my coaching sessions, I discovered Heather to be a competent, compassionate and genuine individual.  She skillfully guided me to find my way… a way that was really always inside of me!  Our sessions were not only productive for me… but also comfortable and fun.” 

~ Kathy Redmond 

“I had the opportunity to work with Heather during a time when there was a great deal of uncertainty at work.  Heather created space that supported sharing the dis-ease in my life while she offered whole-hearted listening.  It was from her listening that she was able to 'hear' what would be most helpful for me to create a shift and find some ease in my work life.  I am grateful for Heather's insight and guidance to help me develop strategies that prioritize being an advocate for myself.” 

~ Donna Q.