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Are you looking for a deeper connection with the Divine?

Spiritual direction is an ancient, contemplative practice which helps you discover new depths and richer meanings in yourself, your life and your journey. By taking time to be still and become aware of the sacred, you can find new insights and serenity.

Perhaps you are looking for a way to explore your spirituality and have never practiced any faith tradition. Maybe you attend worship services regularly and want more time for reflection. Or you may have grown up in a faith tradition, but grew apart because it didn't resonate, or even wounded you.

There are many reasons to practice spiritual direction. Some people seek spiritual direction for a few months while others practice for years or decades, finding the journey grows with them. Through deep listening and inspired intuition, I help you to see how the Holy moves within and works through you, making connections as your journey unfolds. Each journey is unique. 

I like to think of my own spiritual direction sessions as "waystations" where I am able to step out of my routine and gain perspective. Where am I seeing, hearing, feeling the Divine in my life? When do I feel closest to my Source? How can I be more connected with Spirit? What questions does Mystery ask me to embrace? 

As a Spiritual Director, I am here to help you as you explore - "listening with the ears of our hearts" - and walk beside you in your journey. The title "Spiritual Director" is ironic because we don't actually direct. As your companion, I create and hold a safe space - "meeting you where you are" in your journey - so that you can draw deeper into your relationship with the Divine. 

While my own faith formation has been rooted in the Episcopal tradition, I am an ecumenical and interfaith Seeker. I embrace journeys from any faith, interfaith, and none. I welcome and affirm LGBTQIA+ persons, offering a confidential place for all who seek connection to something greater than themselves.

As a graduate of Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction, I use the evocative method of spiritual direction. I am a member of Spiritual Directors International, follow SDI's guidelines for ethical conduct, participate in ongoing training and development, and work with a trained supervisor.


Credit: "Leucantha" by Philip Grausman, at Grounds for Sculpture, photographed by Heather L Hall (2016)

How to Meet for Spiritual Direction

Hourly sessions are typically held on a monthly basis, by Uberconference, and my rate is $75 per session. Use this button to schedule a free "Discover" call, to get acquainted, or book your next regular session.

Sacred Space - Retreat House at Hillsboro

I feel so blessed to be part of the Retreat House at Hillsboro and leading Wisdom Circles with these talented ladies. We were honored, last fall, to be interviewed by Amy Steward for this feature in the February 2020 issue of Shore Monthly magazine.

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