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How does Life Coaching work?

life coach experience wisdom insightful inquiry shift doorway journey path skill toolbox

I believe you already have a wealth of experience and wisdom. I'm here to help you access that intuition. Together we will develop new skills, and hone tools already in your toolbox, so you can achieve the shifts you need to create a more fulfilling life.

How do I know if we're a good fit?

good fit opportunity meeting ask questions virtual relationship co-create referral recommendation

I offer a free, 30 minute session, so we can get acquainted. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions about the process and how I work. 

(And, if we're not meant to work together, I can offer referrals or recommendations.)

How does Spiritual Direction work?

spiritual direction companion path journey god holy spirit divine session

Each session is unique, based on your needs. When you schedule, I ask for 1-2 practices you find helpful with your inner work and whether there is anything you'd like me to know before the session. Each session is 60 minutes and we generally meet once a month...or whenever the Spirit moves you.

Do I have to commit to a program?

life coach agreement time how long meaningful change goals further unique journey

Making big shifts in life rarely happens overnight. I ask new coaching clients to commit to 3 months. This gives us time to dig deep and make meaningful changes. Some clients reach their initial goals and shift further. Others take a little longer. Each journey is unique.

Why do you have "virtual" meetings?

virtual meeting in person office space gather phone call

Although I'd love to meet all of my clients in person, most are spread across the country. Rest assured: This is not just another phone call! As we co-create the space and relationship, you will come to think we are sitting together - in a park, on the beach, at an office. If you have a safe, quiet space to sit comfortably, we can connect.

Do I have to do the "spiritual" stuff?

secular separate calling life coach spiritual director woo woo sacred craft toolbox different hats

In a word: No...

I've heard some people are concerned because I am both a Life Coach and a Spiritual Director. Just because I feel strongly called to do both, doesn't mean you are, and I respect that. I see these roles as separate crafts and I use the approach you request for our session. (Just imagine me wearing different hats for each role...) 

Reference Documents

Client Agreement for Life Coaching (rev20200210) (pdf)


Client Agreement for Spiritual Direction (rev20200210) (pdf)


Code of Ethics for Coaches

This button will take you to the website for the International Coaching Federation and their "Code of Ethics," which I adhere to.

Ethical Conduct for Spiritual Directors

This button will take you to the website for Spiritual Director's International and their booklet "Guidelines for Ethical Conduct," which I adhere to.