Discover Life Coaching with Heather

Are you ready for less striving and more thriving?

Do you want to stop giving away your power and didn’t even realize that’s what you were doing?!?  

As your transformational life coach, I’m here to help you develop the tools and strategies to embrace your confidence.

Doing ALL THE THINGS is getting you nowhere fast. 

Being EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE leaves nothing for yourself.

You feel “selfish” – or think you sound “like a bitch” – just for speaking up.

Sometimes you wonder, “Why bother? They never listen, anyway.”

And it really shakes your confidence when your opinions and contributions aren’t valued.

Are you ready for a change??

As your confidential Confidence Coach, I can help you to:

  • Clarify what your intuition is telling you
  • Honor your own integrity and boundaries
  • Make and communicate your choices with confidence and be heard

Speaking up with clarity and purpose can highlight your passions and your contributions, improving your self-worth and feeling more esteemed in the eyes of others.

By filling your toolbox with the right tools, and learning how to use them, you will grow – personally, professionally – in your current role and relationships, in a new organization or in your new business – and enjoy more satisfaction and fulfillment. 

You’ll even learn that, sometimes, serving the “greater good” means putting yourself 1st!


About Us

Working together, we are more than 1+1

Together, we co-create a relationship to focus on your personal development. This isn't about me and my goals. This is YOUR time and your priorities! 

You already carry within you a wealth of experience and wisdom! I bring my superpowers - as a change agent with keen listening and insightful connecting - to help you transform your hopes and dreams into action and accomplishment.

We'll focus on your goals, tap into your intuition, and find new ways to help you stretch and grow in your superpowers!

Sessions are generally held every other week, by Uberconference, for 3 months and billed at $150/session. To see if we're a good fit, click the button below to schedule a FREE "Discover" call.

Working Together

Welcome! Use this button to schedule a FREE "Discover" call or book your next session, First time clients will receive a pre-session questionnaire and client agreement to be sure we make the most of our time together.

Contact me

Please check out my blog, social media and "EXTRAS" page for more information. Or just drop me a line and let me know what's on your mind.