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Heather Hall is a transformational leadership coach dedicated to leadership development, building collaborative teams, and helping her clients manage change.

She has 20+ years’ experience as a project manager, quality assurance manager and integration manager in a global corporation. Heather was a certified change agent, using Lean methodology for process improvement and operational excellence through teamwork. Through her work with cross-functional, remote, and international teams, Heather has learned the importance of – and the tools to achieve - effective collaboration, coordination and communication. 

Heather has also served as a board member, program/course creator, facilitator/trainer and servant leader for a variety of non-profit organizations (especially faith-based, community service, and environmental stewardship groups). She recognizes the challenges of leading volunteers who are dedicated – though not always skilled – and is passionate about helping you to support your mission. 

In addition to the LENS coaching process, which Heather developed and uses in her work with individual leaders and teams, she offers:

· Mission, Vision, Values – Identifying and aligning with these cornerstones of your culture

· Discernment – Supporting management through transitions

· Onboarding – Work with your team to develop a program you can use to welcome new hires and quickly integrate them in your team

· Training – Design and deliver engaging programs for the life cycle of your staff

· Train the Trainer – Developing skills in your subject matter experts to help them become engaging speakers and facilitators

· Succession planning – Support team development and strengthen your organization by planning for transitions

· Sustainability – Recognizing and managing the benchmarks to grow your organization and ensure longevity

Heather Hall, Courageous Living Certified Coach, Executive Coach

Heather Hall, Courageous Living Certified Coach, Executive Coach

LENS Coaching Process

Heather developed the LENS coaching process, over 20+ years’ working with executives, middle managers, first time supervisors, aspiring leaders and teams, to focus on outcomes that are meaningful for her clients, their teams/organizations and clients.

Learn – Assess skills and situations for clarity. Acquire knowledge to enlighten and empower.

Engage – Connect with mission, vision and values.

Nurture – Build resilience and healthy habits for success.

Sustain – Establish accountability. Share lessons learned.

In addition, four core practices are developed for successful teams:

Connect. Coordinate. Collaborate. Communicate. 

Engagements are typically 3-6 months and include:

· kick-off meeting with stakeholder, client and coach to set goals and expectations

· session notes, exercises and homework emailed to client after each meeting

· high-level feedback to stakeholder:

     o action plan after first session

     o status report after 2 months

     o next steps at end of engagement

As a result of the LENS coaching process, leaders are more engaged, less stressed, have improved communication and a greater impact.


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