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Welcome!! I am soo glad to meet you!

Over the years, I've been inspired, enlightened and challenged by many mentors, guides and coaches. I am honored to have the opportunity to share my experience and wisdom with you. I'll tell you a secret, though, and hope this will encourage you to take the next step on your journey...

I wasn't always the bold and brave person you see pictured here. It took me many years to "find my voice" and become my own advocate. Like many women, I wasn't born with the skills I would need to take care of myself growing up. They weren't taught to us in school. And, as I've learned, no one will take better care of you than you.

As an introvert, I was rarely the first to speak up and the topic had often changed before I'd formulated an answer. On the other hand, my inner critic drove me to do better and I wanted to "know ALL the things," which made me a very good listener and an avid reader. 

Life is ALL an Experiment!

As a lifelong learner and naturally curious person, I've always asked, "Why?"


These traits were essential in my career (as a scientist, educator, project manager, quality manager and change agent, to name just a few roles). They were also vital in life.  

Whether I was pondering the motivations of a colleague, discussing the doctrine of religion, or discerning my own desires and resistance, curiosity is an amazing tool.

By getting curious, and being open to exploration in safe settings, we can shift and broaden our perspectives in ways we never expected.

Empathic Seeker of Truth

These days, I'm more interested in HOW we are in the world, rather than WHAT we do. Are we living with integrity and able to be authentic? Are we open to joy and generous with kindness?  These are the things I want to see in the world. 

It is my greatest hope that I will show up every day with sensitivity, curiosity and discernment. I don't always get it right. In fact, sometimes I fail miserably, but I always learn something valuable. And I don't have all the answers. What I do have is a great capacity for embracing the questions, looking at all the angles, and connecting the dots. So it won't surprise you to learn, I'm often told that I'm a really great listener.

I look forward to hearing your story, holding a safe space for you to get curious, and walking with you during your journey.



“Working with Heather is like having your own wise mind with you on your path to growth. She helps me get perspective on my fears so that I can move ahead with my goals. She puts up a mirror to those positive parts of both myself and my difficult situations that I tend to ignore thus helping me be more in balance and able to move forward with my business and my life. I so appreciate her clear thinking, helping me find my path forward, chucking the artificial barriers I put up, troubleshooting those pesky obstacles, and always feeling clearer and lighter after a session. Her thoughtful coaching has helped me move forward in my business on every level!” 

~ Stasha Hughes 

“I have had the pleasure to work with Heather for personal coaching and leadership skills. I appreciated her gift to connect with me and foster a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding. I valued her capacity to see the larger picture and help me connect the dots in service of a common purpose. The amount of clarity that she brought to me and continues to bring is invaluable. Each time I am at a crossroads, I relate back to our sessions and I find clarity and direction for my next move.  Her encouraging, soft spoken approach is backed with the power of broad and deep expertise. I would gladly recommend Heather to anyone who can benefit from her vast coaching skills and people ability.” 

~ Casey Anselmi 

“Heather Hall has a natural gift for coaching and a magical way of supporting me right where I am, seeing the good in me and helping me see that good. Along with her ability to create a safe space, to be supportive, encouraging, patient, and kind which makes for an ideal environment to explore those things that I want to shift and bring out the best in me. Heather helped me to see things more clearly at a crossroads in my life - and what I would consider a terrible case of overwhelm - by her presence, kindness, and fine-tuned questions that things were not as I had created them in my mind as I crossed back to believing in myself and my abilities to get done what needed to get done.  The world needs more coaches like Heather.” 

~ Marilyn B. 

"Coaching with Heather helped me to get clarity on a how to approach challenging situations, and to really feel confident to communicate in an authentic way to ask for what I need.  I am so grateful for her warm approach, creating a safe space to feel really heard and also encouraged by such inciteful questions” 

~ Susy D

 “Heather's calming presence and inviting, professional demeanor create a safe container to do the work, and with her by your side you will do just that. She adeptly digs deep to help you find the origins of the stories you've been carrying around and to make strong connections to patterns that might be holding you back or could propel you forward, with time and attention. She will be your mirror for successes as well as where further support is needed and a constant source of resources for further introspection.”  

~ Kindel K.   

“Coaching with Heather allowed me to equally own, process, and feel my emotions while also examining my mindsets and habits. With Heather’s expert guidance and compassionate support, I made intentional, discerning, tangible shifts and changes. Heather is genuinely inquisitive, authentic, calm, and extremely bright and insightful. Because of working with Heather, I created measurable, meaningful changes in my life regarding my thought patterns, emotions, and choices.” 

~ Terri Bradway 

"During my coaching sessions, I discovered Heather to be a competent, compassionate and genuine individual.  She skillfully guided me to find my way… a way that was really always inside of me!  Our sessions were not only productive for me… but also comfortable and fun.” 

~ Kathy Redmond 

“I had the opportunity to work with Heather during a time when there was a great deal of uncertainty at work.  Heather created space that supported sharing the dis-ease in my life while she offered whole-hearted listening.  It was from her listening that she was able to 'hear' what would be most helpful for me to create a shift and find some ease in my work life.  I am grateful for Heather's insight and guidance to help me develop strategies that prioritize being an advocate for myself.” 

~ Donna Q.

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